South Africa Toll Roads Cost Calculator
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To calculate your toll road fees, enter your point of departure and destination. Select vehicle-type and click on "Calculate toll fees". Popular routes and the complete list of toll plazas are listed below.


South African toll roads price list

Name Road Price Class 1 Price Class 2 Price Class 3 Price Class 4
Chapmans Peak M6 R38.00 R151.00 R379.00 R379.00
Baobab N1 R40.50 R110.00 R151.00 R182.00
Grasmere N1 R18.00 R54.00 R63.00 R82.00
Vaal N1 R59.50 R112.00 R135.00 R180.00
Verkeerdevlei N1 R51.50 R103.00 R154.00 R216.00
Pumulani N1 R11.00 R27.00 R31.00 R38.00
Huguenot N1 R35.00 R99.00 R154.00 R250.00
Carousel N1 R50.00 R134.00 R148.00 R171.00
Kranskop N1 R40.00 R102.00 R137.00 R168.00
Nyl N1 R52.00 R97.00 R118.00 R158.00
Capricorn N1 R41.50 R114.00 R134.00 R167.00
Ermelo N17 R29.50 R74.00 R111.00 R148.00
Trichardt N17 R16.50 R41.00 R63.00 R83.00
Leandra N17 R33.00 R83.00 R124.00 R165.00
Dalpark N17 R10.50 R21.00 R28.00 R38.00
Gosforth N17 R11.00 R30.00 R33.00 R45.00
Mtunzini N2 R41.50 R80.00 R95.00 R142.00
Tsitsikama N2 R47.50 R120.00 R286.00 R404.00
Mvoti N2 R12.00 R34.00 R46.00 R68.00
Oribi N2 R26.50 R47.00 R65.00 R106.00
oThongathi N2 R10.00 R21.00 R28.00 R40.00
Mooi N3 R46.00 R113.00 R158.00 R214.00
Tugela N3 R66.00 R109.00 R171.00 R237.00
Wilge N3 R62.00 R106.00 R142.00 R201.00
De Hoek N3 R44.00 R69.00 R105.00 R152.00
Marianhill N3 R11.00 R19.00 R24.00 R37.00
Machado N4 R83.00 R231.00 R337.00 R481.00
Nkomazi N4 R63.00 R128.00 R186.00 R267.00
Middelburg N4 R56.00 R121.00 R183.00 R241.00
Doornpoort N4 R13.50 R33.00 R39.00 R47.00
Brits N4 R13.50 R47.00 R51.00 R60.00
Swartruggens N4 R75.00 R187.00 R227.00 R267.00
Marikana N4 R20.00 R48.00 R54.00 R64.00
Quagga N4 R4.00 R7.50 R10.00 R14.00
Pelindaba N4 R5.50 R10.00 R14.00 R18.00
Diamond Hill N4 R34.00 R47.00 R88.00 R146.00
name roa R0.00 R0.00 R0.00 R0.00

Toll fees calculator

As we all know, toll roads are as much a part of South African road trips as padkos. They are unavoidable. It is for this reason that we created this Toll Roads Cost Calculator. It lets you automatically calculate the estimated toll road cost for your road trip on a Google map. After entering your start point and destination on the toll fees calculator, the toll roads fees search results displays all the toll gates that are featured within your route with a price for each toll gate and the total cost for all of them together. Knowing exactly how much you’re going to be contributing at toll plazas before you arrive has never been this easy.

How the toll fees calculator works

   •   Select your vehicle type
   •   Type in your point of departure and destination
   •   Click “Calculate toll fees”
   •   Get toll road fees results (and your route will also be highlighted in the Google map on the right hand side)

Note: Toll fees differ according to vehicle class.

Facts about Drive South Africa’s toll fees calculator

   •   South Africa’s first interactive Toll Roads Cost Calculator
   •   A helpful tool for travellers embarking on a road trip across all South African national toll roads
   •   Toll Roads Cost Calculator has been featured on Wheels24, Traveller24, eNCA 6 pm news,, SABC Radio, Travel News Weekly website -
         eTNW and many others. It has been shared more than 190 times on Facebook and 50+ times on Twitter.
   •   Toll gate costs are generated as the toll road calculator pulls current rates from a list of South Africa’s 32 GPS-plotted toll gate plazas.
   •   GPS-plotted toll gate plazas run along the N1, N2, N3, N4, N17 and M6 (Chapmans Peak Drive)
   •   The toll gate fees used in the calculations are fed from a database updated with rates from the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL)

Note: Toll fees differ according to vehicle class.

Added benefits of the toll roads calculator

   •   As an interactive tool, a user has the ability to zoom in and out of the Google Map, giving them the opportunity to view toll gate locations in as much detail
         as needed
   •   South African toll roads cost calculator has all the toll roads in one tool. So no more hassling, searching from site to site for toll fees
   •   For an even quicker search on toll gate costs, the toll road calculator displays South Africa’s most popular road travel routes below the interactive tool
   •   A simple click on any of the popular journeys will highlight the route on the map, toll plazas with fees you need to pay, and the distance between your
         plotted journey

Whether it is a business trip, family adventure, or getaway with friends, the toll fees calculator will help you plan your journey’s budget a bit better.

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